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The Last Apocalypse Standing

Disclaimer: This "post" doesn't have anything to do with wine or the rest of the blog. This is a sample of other stuff that I've written. Read or don't. If you enjoyed yourself or you'd like to continue reading anything let me know. If you didn't enjoy yourself, I'd still love your thoughts about what could be better.

Welcome to the Last Motel. It's the eve of a new millennium but all of the clocks are stuck at nine minutes to midnight. No one is sure why, not even Y2K, getting drunk at the bar.

The other guests are even stranger. Volcanic Winter and Chicxulub are an old married couple that bickers over which one of them killed the dinosaurs. The owner is nowhere to be found but the Heat Death of the Universe seems to be in charge. You can call him Entropy. Whatever you do, don't piss off Nuclear Holocaust - he gets radioactive when he's angry.

There's an Apocalypse in every corner until someone starts killing them off, one by one...

2023-04-16 The Last Apocalypse Standing Sample
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