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Princess Bride & Mosel Riesling

"The Princess Bride," needs a wine as delightful and charming as its story. Look no further than a Mosel Riesling, a match as true as the love between Westley and Buttercup.

"The Princess Bride," directed by Rob Reiner, is a timeless tale of love, heroism, and humor. Adapted by William Goldman himself from his 1973 novel of the same name, it tells the story Buttercup (Robin Wright) and her one true love, Westley (Cary Elwes). When Westley goes missing and is presumed dead, Buttercup becomes engaged to the villainous Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon). However, Westley, now disguised as the Dread Pirate Roberts, returns to rescue her. Along the way, they encounter a colorful cast of unforgettable characters, like the swordsman Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin), the lovable giant Fezzik (Andre the Giant), and the inconceivable Vizzini (Wallace Shawn).

This fairytale demands a wine as captivating and versatile as its ensemble. A Riesling from the Mosel region of Germany, like Dr. Heidemann's wine, rises to the occasion. It offers a delightful balance of sweetness and acidity that will charm your taste buds. The wine is fun, engaging, and it makes you want more, just like the movie.

Mosel's steep, slate-covered hillsides and cool climate create ideal conditions for producing exquisite Rieslings. This elegant wine is as nimble as Inigo Montoya's swordplay, with vibrant flavors of green apple, citrus, and peach that will transport you to the lush, magical landscapes of Florin. As you watch the charming Westley outwit his opponents, take a sip of Riesling and savor the wine's delicate minerality.

The Riesling's crisp acidity cuts through the sweetness, providing a refreshing and balanced taste. This harmony of flavors is reminiscent of the balance between humor, romance, and adventure that makes "The Princess Bride" such a beloved classic. And it certainly beats the wine that Vizzini drank...

What wine would you pair with The Princess Bride? Comment below

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