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Red Eye & Provence Rouge

The Story

Directed by Wes Craven, "Red Eye" follows Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams), a hotel manager looking to take a red-eye flight home. While waiting for her plane, she hits it off with one of her fellow passengers, the charming Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy). Naturally, their plane seats turn out to be next to each other. Shortly into the flight, Rippner reveals he has been following Lisa and her father for some time. If she ever wants to see her father again, she must do exactly what he says.

The film's main strengths are its efficient setup and brisk pacing. The story swiftly establishes Lisa as a capable yet vulnerable protagonist. The tension hits the ceiling once Rippner drops his nice guy facade and it never lets up. The psychological cat-and-mouse game the two characters play against each other is suspense at its best.

The confined setting of an airplane cabin is downright claustrophobic, supercharging every interaction between Lisa and Jackson.

The Wine

Mas de Gourgonnier Les Baux de Provence Rouge is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carignan. The mix is robust, balancing fruit, earthiness, and a hint of spice. You'll catch cherry, leather, plum, pepper, and blackberry. Light tannins, moderate acid, and dry.

Why They Pair Well

  1. Intensity and Depth: "Red Eye" is an intense, edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller. The film's setting - a confined airplane cabin - entraps Lisa and viewers alike. Similarly, Mas de Gourgonnier Les Baux de Provence Rouge grips you with its spicy and leathery notes.

  2. Accessible: As a light-bodied red, Mas de Gourgonnier Les Baux de Provence Rouge matches "Red Eye's" brisk plot. You'll be surprised how quickly both the movie moves and how easily the wine drinks.

  3. Dark: The dark, earthy notes of Mas de Gourgonnier Les Baux de Provence Rouge mirrors the palpable danger at the core of "Red Eye."

What wine would you pair with "Red Eye?"

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