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Ghostbusters (1984) & Vinho Verde

Okay, so, yeah, I picked a Vinho Verde because Slimer is green. There's a bit more to it than that but at the end of the day...

The Movie

"Ghostbusters" (1984) has entertained audiences with its blend of humor, horror, and action for decades. The story revolves around a team of parapsychologists (which is an actual thing) who, after somehow getting fired from academia, establish a ghost-catching business. The film is known for its memorable characters, witty dialogue, and groundbreaking special effects for its time.

The Wine

Aveleda's Fonte from Vinho Verde, Portugal zips with acidity and teems with minerality. Vinho Verdes are celebrated for their fresh, crisp flavors, often featuring notes of citrus, green apple, and stone fruit, with a distinctive saline minerality that reflects the coastal terroir of the Vinho Verde region.

Why they Match

Pairing "Ghostbusters" with Aveleda's Fonte from Vinho Verde share freshness, accessibility, and character. And Slimer is green. (Yes, I know "Vinho Verde" more accurately translates to "young wine" than "green wine" and I don't care.)

  1. Refreshing Originality: Just as "Ghostbusters" was a breath of fresh air in the cinematic landscape of the 1980s, blending comedy with supernatural elements in a way that was innovative and original, Aveleda's Fonte represents the refreshing, crisp qualities of the Vinho Verde region. Both the film and the wine stand out in their respective fields for their uniqueness and ability to deliver a new experience.

  2. Slimer is Green.

  3. Accessible: "Ghostbusters" combines accessible humor and excitement, making it a beloved classic across a wide audience. Similarly, Aveleda's Fonte is approachable and enjoyable by all.

  4. Slimer is Green.

  5. Character and Charm: Each member of the Ghostbusters team brings a distinct personality and charm to the film, much like how Aveleda's Fonte displays a characterful expression of the Albariño grape, with its charming floral and fruity notes, underpinned by a lively acidity.

  6. Slimer is Green.

What wine would you pair with Ghostbusters?

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