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Clue & Chilean Carmenère

Choosing the right wine for the cult classic Clue is a mystery worth solving. In a film brimming with eccentric characters, dark humor, and a tangled web of murder and intrigue, the ideal wine should be just as captivating and enigmatic.

Based on the beloved board game and directed by Jonathan Lynn, Clue has twists and turns at every corner. With an all-star cast including Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd, the movie demands a versatile and engaging wine to keep up with the rapid-fire wit and wicked charm. For this caper, I recommend a bottle of Carmenère from Chile's Colchagua Valley. Carmen Gran Reserva is a good option.

Carmenère, a grape with a mysterious past, is a fitting companion for Clue. Once thought to be extinct, this varietal was rediscovered in Chilean vineyards, where it was mistaken for Merlot. Akin to the unexpected twists in the film, Carmenère's history is a tale of mistaken identity and resurrection. This rich, full-bodied red wine boasts complex flavors that will keep you guessing, much like the movie's multiple endings.

As you follow Tim Curry through the shadowy halls of Hill House, sip on your Carmenère and enjoy the wine's distinctive notes of green pepper, dark fruit, and spice. The bold flavors will match the intensity of the film, making each revelation and accusation all the more delicious.

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