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Catch Me If You Can & Burgundy Chablis

Good Chardonnays exist! US Chardonnays owe their signature oaky, buttery flavor to barrel aging and malolactic fermentation, respectively. I'm not sure why US winemakers do this, what did a poor, innocent grape varietal like Chardonnay ever do to them? However, this means that when they're made differently, good Chardonnays are out there. We call them Chablis, like Domaine Chenevieres Chablis Les Grandes Vignes from Burgundy.

A Chablis is a Chardonnay done well, so it calls for a story that warns against taking shortcuts, such as "Catch Me If You Can."

The Story

Directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the auto-biography of Frank Abagnale Jr., "Catch Me If You Can" traces the journey of this notorious con man. Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio) swindled his victims for millions before his 19th birthday. He impersonates a Pan Am pilot, a doctor, and other professions, all while cashing fraudulent checks. Hot on his heels is FBI agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks), who pursues Abagnale across the world. The film is both a thrilling chase and an emotional journey as it explores themes of broken homes, father-son relationships, and the value of doing the right thing the right way.

DiCaprio brings to life Abagnale's audacious scams with a sense of delight and youthful naivete that makes him a surprisingly sympathetic character. Tom Hanks provides a perfect counterbalance as the steadfast and determined Hanratty. Their cat-and-mouse dynamic is a highlight of the film.

Some of the events in the book may be fabricated and several more in the film were too. For some reason, people like to criticize these inaccuracies. Abagnale was a con man, what did you expect?

The Wine

Domaine Chenevieres, situated in the heart of the Chablis region in Burgundy, France, is known for crafting wines that embody the distinct characteristics of their terroir. The Chablis Les Grandes Vignes is a testament to their dedication to quality and tradition.

On the palate, the wine is crisp and refreshing. It displays a high acidity that complements the fruit flavors of green apple and lemon zest, with a touch of pear for added complexity. There's also a distinct mineral note, a signature trait of Chablis wines due to the region's Kimmeridgian soil.

To appreciate its full flavor profile, serve this Chablis slightly chilled.

Why They Pair Well

Chardonnays are usually the rascal of the wine landscape, akin to "Catch Me If You Can's" anti-hero protagonist. However, as a Chablis, a Chardonnay done right, Domaine Cheneviere's wine represents the later stages of Abagnale's character arc, where he joins the side of the angels. The Chablis is known for its crisp acidity and clear, focused flavors, much like Abagnale's sharp wit and clear-minded cunning.

What wine would you pair with "Catch Me If You Can?"

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