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Tremors & Riverland Pétillant Naturel

Tessa in Oakland has requested "Tremors!"

For this creature feature, I recommend Delinquente's Weeping Juan Pétillant Naturel.

The Movie

"Tremors" is a 1990 horror-comedy film, directed by Ron Underwood, that has earned its status as a cult classic. It tells the story of Perfection, Nevada, a desert town that comes under attack from worm-like monsters, Graboids.

The movie strikes a unique balance between horror, humor, and action, best known for its likeable and memorable characters. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward star as Val and Earl, two handymen itching to escape their mediocre lives in their dead-end town. Their camaraderie and banter provide much of the film's comedic relief. They're also both as resourceful as MacGyver, making them walking demonstrations that country doesn't mean dumb. If I had to guess what gives "Tremors" its broad, lasting appeal, this ethos would be my chief suspect. Val, Earl, and an eccentric survivalist couple, Burt and Heather Gummer (Michael Gross and Reba McEntire) make "Tremors" the best B-movie of all time.

That said, at the end of the day, this is still a B-movie. It's never gold, it's always silver. It's funny but not hilarious. It's scary but not terrifying. But can you remember the last B-movie you saw that saw that, while not great, was at least consistently good? I can't. I wish more movies were like this.

The Wine

Delinquente Weeping Juan Pétillant Naturel, made in Riverland, South Australia, is characterized by its wild and unpredictable nature, due to its down-right ancient method of fermentation. The wine goes into the bottle before it has fully completed its first stage of fermentation, allowing it to finish fermenting in the bottle without any additional sugar or yeast. The results can vary from bottle to bottle. Often they're cloudy. Sometimes they're not. Often they're fizzy. Sometimes they're flatter. It's a quirky and fun winemaking style.

On the palate, this pet-nat is generally dry, light-bodied, and effervescent. It has a vibrant acidity that will remind you of grapefruit and strawberries. The wine has a yeasty quality and funkiness, characteristics of the pet-nat style. There's a bit of an earthy finish too.

Why They Pair Well

Both "Tremors" and Pet-Nats are all about unexpected surprises. Each bottle is as unpredictable as a graboid's nature and hunting methods. The wine and the monsters will keep both you and the characters on your toes.

"Tremors" is unconventional as a unique blend of genres. Similarly, Pet-Nat wines are quite distinct from most other sparkling wines, with their own unique set of characteristics.

You can draw a pretty straight line between the wine's earthy notes and a graboid's natural habitat.

Delinquente's hometown, Riverland, Australia even has a hot, dry climate, dirt roads, and RV parks similar to Perfection, Nevada.

Finally, both "Tremors" and Pet-Nat wines have cult appeal.

What wine would you pair with "Tremors?"

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