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Wine Glasses Hanging from Rack

Wine Pairings for
Your Favorite Stories

'Cause pairing wine and food has been done


Disclaimer: This "post" doesn't have anything to do with wine or the rest of the blog. This is a sample of other stuff that I've written. Read or don't. If you enjoyed yourself or you'd like to continue reading anything let me know. If you didn't enjoy yourself, I'd still love your thoughts about what could be better.

E=mc² … right? It may be the near future and Alaskan Police Officer Paige Wells might have turned her back on a life of science, but that didn't change while she wasn't looking. So when a rogue physicist claims he can teleport people, Paige knows he’s seen one too many episodes of Star Trek. That is, until he goes and does it. In an intercontinental tunnel deep beneath the Bering Strait, hundreds of train passengers vanish, including her sister. Now, Paige must race to find the missing travelers and bring their kidnappers to justice, but each step closer to the truth uncovers more secrets and lies.

2023.05.08 Pseudoscience Sample
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